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Thursday, January 08, 2004

Tips for the tactical use of combined arms
Paralyticus posted a worthy topic at Heavens Forum.
Tips for the tactical use of combined arms (help to newbs up to good 'rookies', experts, please correct/add)
I think this is most players' weakest part of their game. Very few people have any inlking what to make at what time. Of course, as I have repeatedly mentioned elsewhere, I feel that the ramping costs force a natural combined arms force. Most people realize it's cheaper to make a mixed army than it is to make a single unit army. And the ease at which some units counter others makes it a no-brainer to mix up your forces.

The trick though is exactly WHAT to make and HOW to employ it. Do I attack with HI and LI? Or do I attack with HC and archers? This is where most people lose it, IMO.

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