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Sunday, February 15, 2004

My favorite x-pack civs so far...
So I've been sparring mostly with the computer. Unfortunately, not very many real players have the beta (except the MOFOs) and so getting an actual game going will probably take some time. So here are my rankings after playing each civ a few times versus toughest and tougher (when I couldn't take them toughtest one) AI

1. Lakota. Against the computer, Lakota roxor dood. Toughest AI can't handle any serious border grabbing, with which the Lakota just rule. That and their free-wheeling raider style makes them tough to deal with. Easy to beat toughest. However, a human opponent might be more difficult: 1) He'll be better at raiding. 2) He'll know you're going to forward build a and take you out with some HI.

2. Persians. I don't like the ellies, but the extra food, cheaper civic and automatic caravans make them easy to keep going. I love the auro-caravans. If there is one I thing I always seem to forget, it is making caravans. Persians will be difficult to hurt by raiding, if played correctly. Can beat toughest, but it's hard.

3. Americans. They are definitely rush-capable civ, since you earn resources while you are building up. However, they are also great knowledge boomers with the free scholars and the instant wonder (Hanging Gardens). So they are a great versatile civ, similar to Japanese, but stronger on the booming side and slower on the rush. Have not beat toguhest yet.

4. Indians, & Iroquois don't get me as excited. I have not played them as much, but when I did I was not overwhelmed. It will take some time to make use of the Iroquois bonuses, and the government bonus has not been implemented in beta yet. Computer seems to cruise when playing Indians, so maybe I just suck.

5. Dutch. The Dutch probably require a completely different build path from what I have been using, but the bonuses sound better than they are actually worth. At least to me. So far... Free merchants are worthless until you scout some rares. Cheaper commerce is nice but not killer. Armed merchants is kind of goofy. Just makes you "slightly" more difficult to raid. In a boom fest, that doesn't help. And in a real battle it doesn't help, either. The "interest on deposits" bonus is only for people who don't know to spend their money. The dock bonus means I have to research MIL1 before docking on a water map, else I don't get my ships. I've gotten owned by toughest every time I've tried them.

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