Out4Blood & El_Cap's Rise of Nations Strategy

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Throne & Patriots Expansion Pack Campaigns
I have focused primarily on the multiplayer strategy aspects of the new expansion. That's because I only play multiplayer. (Note: I do use the quick battle feature to test and refine strats.) However, a HUGE MAJORITY of the people who play computer games NEVER play on-line. They only play the single player campaigns. RON took some flak for only having one single-player campaign. However, in the expansion, they have FIVE. Huge difference. So single-player fans should rejoice. Lots of cool stuff for them. And a few things for the multiplayer fans to give them an incentive to upgrade.

And who won't? I mean, if you are still playing RON now, then you must be pretty hard-core.

And if you are reading THIS, then you are REALLY HARD-CORE. (You could even say "elite.") Suggests I am preaching to the choir. Going out and buying T&P should be au-to-ma-tic for you.

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