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Friday, August 27, 2004

Sportsmanship - what would YOU do?
Yahoo is reporting that Gymnastics officials want Hamm to give up the gold. For those that are not following the Olympics, Paul Hamm was awarded a gold medal because three judges made a scoring mistake on one of the South Korean athletes. The judges were suspended, but the question remains: Who should get the gold?

Paul Hamm's comeback in the event was a remarkable story. But he's in danger of losing his golden luster as the guy who won what he didn't deserve. If he's worried about his marketing potential as a mere silver medalist, he should think again.

It would be a much more impressive story if he were to voluntarily award the medal to the South Korean by himself , "Here, you really won this, not me." Then the story gets even better: Tragic fall, courageous comeback, victory, controversy, and in the end - integrity. This will be the toughest event Paul Hamm faces. Can he stick this landing?

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