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Monday, September 20, 2004

Axis & Allies beta NDA (partially) lifted
In an unusual move, Atari has notified its Axis & Allies beta testers that they may now discuss the game outside the private forums.
Because we believe that your experiences with the final stages of the beta test will be of interest to the general Axis & Allies community, we've decided to lift the restriction on discussing the game outside of the beta forums. Please feel free to be as open as you wish about your feelings about the game. Though we of course hope that your experiences were entirely positive and that your discussion will reflect that, you should feel free to speak your mind. We only ask that you try to be fair and civil.

Because of last-minute engine and art changes that may be made after the close of the beta test, we ask that you not post any screenshots you may have taken of the beta version of the game.

Thank you for having honored the NDA and for your participation in what has been an excellent beta test.
For those unfamiliar with A&A, check out the website. Fans of RON might find it to be an engaging diversion. It's a World War II RTS game using some of the unique "Kohan" elements that Timegate has enhanced: zones of supply, zones of control, automatic resupply, non-stockpiling economics, unit upkeep, experience, and morale, just to name a few. A&A uses the same basic engine as the upcoming Kohan: Kings of War, so even though it's a new game, the engine has had a lot of extra testing.

The good news for Timegate is that this time they actually have a good publisher who is promoting the game. (Unlike their other publishers.) A&A is a great franchise which we hope continues with the RTS version. As I get to spend more time with the beta, I'll passs along my thoughts.

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