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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Real-life Gaming - The Apprentice
An old comrade-in-arms from West Point has made it big! Kelly Perdew will be appearing tonight in the new season of The Apprentice. I'm hoping he does well and develops a better TV persona than Omarosa. Kelly and I were in the same company at West Point (D4), went to the Naval Academy together as exchange cadets, and were doubles partners on the racquetball team. In the meantime, he's been very successful:
After graduating from West Point, Kelly Perdew completed Ranger School and served two years as a Military Intelligence Officer in the US Army. Kelly raised over $5M in equity financing for three start-up companies, and as the acting President led the sale of one of those start-ups (eteamz.com: the largest amateur sports portal on the web at the time) for eight figures to a company that has since filed for an IPO. He is the Co-Founder and Chairman of a motor enthusiast community website called MotorPride.com, and is currently the President of CoreObjects, an outsourced software development company based in Los Angeles.
Knowing Kelly as I do, I have only two questions:
  • Who did he flirt with the most? (I vote for Elizabeth)
  • Who did he piss off the most? (I vote for Stacy J)
An answer to those questions might be revealed by his bio's quote: "I expect everybody to fall in line." Heh.

So this makes two "famous" people I've gone to school with. The other one being Wes Cherry. Bonus points if you have any idea why Wes is famous.

UPDATE: WOW. Turns out I know Pamela Day also. That makes 2 out of 18 that I know on this show. Cool.

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