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Monday, October 04, 2004

Rome: Total War Strategy Guide on Gamespy
Gamespy actually has a pretty good Strategy guide for Rome: Total War.
Let me set the scene: You're in your most comfortable chair, sitting in front of your PC, with the lights low, the significant other out of town, and the phone off the hook. You're about to conquer Rome. The sun has just gone down, and you're not planning on stopping until long after the sun has come back up.

I wrote up this strategy guide because there was a definite lack of basic Rome: Total War strategies anywhere else. Even the 'official' strategy guide is just page after page of pictures of the units. Great -- that's what they look like -- but how do you use them? We want some vici, not just the vidi!
It's a whopping 33 pages, but it's a good read for those who need some help with basics of strategy, and a great overview of what the game is all about for those who still have not bought it yet.

UPDATE: There is a demo you can download at IGN.com

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