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Friday, February 11, 2005

How is a blog different from a discussion board?

In this article The author asks a snarky-good question: "When are they going to learn what a blog is? Hint: Free Republic isn't one, doesn't have one, and its commenters are not 'bloggers.'"

While I get the distinction between "blogs" and "discussion forums" at the ends of the spectrum, for me there are clearly grey areas in the middle.

  • At one end you have single-author no comment blogs (Instapundit).
  • At the other you have anonymous discussion forum postings (MFO).
  • In the middle you have comment blogs, group blogs (Volokh), edited group blogs with comments (Slashdot and Fark), and mass group blogs with comments (Kos, FreeRepublic)

Is the distinction merely about the number of potential editors or thread starters or whether those thread starters have some sort of editing process?

As a person who both blogs AND posts to discussion threads, I'm as confused as WaPo evidently is.

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