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Friday, February 11, 2005

Robert Scoble chats with the fired Google blogger
Robert Scoble of Microsoft has dinner with the fired Google blogger, Mark Jen. He was the guy fired by Google because of stuff he wrote on his blog. A while back there was a bit of controversy when his blog mysteriously disappeared off the web. People began to suspect he'd been sacked. Or worse! Turns out he had been sacked. And if you had read his blog back then (it's been toned down) you might understand why.

When I first read Mark's blog comments, I thought he was a litle too bold in his commentary. He did appear quite negative. If I had just started at Google, I would have been writing, "Damn, free food!" Not, "There must be an evil consipracy to keep you here 24/7." That's just bad manners. I equate that to visiting a friend's house for dinner and telling him and his wife how bad the food tastes. Not good manners. Not a good thing to do.

So the host asked Mark to leave on account of his bad manners. Was that evil? No.

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