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Monday, February 07, 2005

Super Bowl Ads
You can watch all of the Super Bowl Ads you missed over at iFilm. I think my favorites were the AmeriQuest ads: Don't be quick to judge.

The Olympus m:robe commercial was the best new gadget; it looks very cool. I like the iPod, and I like my digital camera. I just never have both at the same time. Hmmm, I just worry about battery life on something like that, though.

The Budweiser parachute ad made me laugh out loud (but not as loud as the AmeriQuest ads), while the thanking the troops ad brought a tear to my eye.

GoDaddy.com was probably the most effective. I have never heard of GoDaddy.com and now I will probably never forget it! BTW, the NFL forced Fox to pull a second GoDaddy.com ad which was supposed to air later in the game. But after they saw the first one, they nixed it. Supposedly.

UPDATE: There's a short discussion of the merits of the Napster subscription program at Scobleizer.

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