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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

My bro wrote a book!!
Jeremy Dann gets published! He wrote this book called Anecdotal or Anecodotal, depending on who's in charge of the marketing materials (and no I'm not getting referrer points here - JD is).

It's about an MBA who lays shirtless in his bed with a laptop on his chest. Or so it appears from the cover. Pretty compelling stuff, I'd say. And I'm not kidding, the publisher actually had this to say:
Jake Tanner is a 31-year-old itinerant consultant, quasi-journalist and regular man-about-town in post dot com San Francisco. When he decides to add dilettante raconteur to his impressive list of credentials, he starts to capture the hopes, dreams and social commitments of the new millennium male - moments big and small... anecdotes of life, love and leisure. But when his relationship takes a sudden unexpected turn, he finds that narrating one's own life isn't... Actually, this is Jake and I have to admit that I enjoy writing back cover copy even less than I like reading it, so I think I'll quit while I'm ahead. But I posed in my underwear for the painting on the cover, and I think that demonstrates real commitment to my craft.
Okay, truth be told, JD (or J. Brooks Dann as he is going by now - how pretentious) is not really my brother. But I did sit NEXT to him at Harvard Business School!

Hey... maybe we can get Glenn Reynolds to do a book review? Or maybe a plug on Instapundit?

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