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Friday, November 28, 2003

MFO: Big Huge Smackdown
The brackets for the Big Huge Smackdown are up. Looking at the brackets - they did some good seeding, and it looks like we'll have some good matchups to look forward to. I'm hoping that all the matches will get posted for viewing.

UPDATE: It's El_Capitan (winner of the recent BLuT Gangbang Tourney) vs. PCA_Frogman (currently #2 on the O4B rankings and #4 on the BHG rating list). We haven't seen any final results yet, but I'll note them once the post comes up. Remember folks, this was a money tournament, so most of the best players competed. (Yours truly could not, of course, because of Wifey.)

UPDATE 2: Tann informed me that El_Capitan won. Congrats!

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