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Friday, January 16, 2004

Big Huge News: Last chance on ratings decay
BHG posted on their Big Huge News page the latest plan to deal with stagnant players on the Big Huge rating list.
Big Huge thanks to everyone who has provided us with their input on ratings decay. (aka Ratings attrition) We are presently at work on the system and we'll give you all heads up when we complete testing and plan to go live with it on the multiplayer ratings website. Here are the settings that we're currently implementing:

-25 points if you haven't played a rated game within 14 days
-100 points if you haven't played a rated game within 1 month
-100 points every month after that if you still haven't played a rated game

Decay will not effect players below 1700 and will not drop a player below 1700. Also, only players who have played 20 or more games will be listed on the ratings website.

If you disagree with any of the above decay rules, please feel free to suggest a change.
Sounds good to me. It's a only a slight deviation from the original plan and it looks like they incorporated some of our (meaning everyone's) feedback. Nod to Rohag for the link.

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