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Sunday, June 19, 2005


I wonder how this will damage Formula 1 in the USA?
Ferrari win six-car US Grand Prix
Just six cars took the start at Indianapolis this afternoon after the Michelin teams stood by their threat not to race without an additional chicane ahead of the high-speed Turn 13.

Michelin could not guarantee the safety of their tyres through this corner over a race distance, so instructed their teams not to compete if the track layout was not changed to slow the cars.

The FIA refused the request for a chicane, pointing out several other options available to Michelin. The Michelin teams declined these and jointly decided they would race on the tyres they used in qualifying, but only if the chicane was inserted.

It wasn't. As a result, all cars took to the grid, but the Michelin cars all peeled in at the end of the formation lap, leaving only the Ferraris, Minardis and Jordans to start. Jordan and Minardi had been expected to stand by the Michelin teams.

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